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About the Log File Analyzer

The Siebel Log File Analyzer (LFA) is a command-line utility designed to search through Siebel log files and isolate information of interest. Use the LFA to analyze and review the content of log files and to compile analysis information from these files.

Run the LFA to query log files across Siebel Servers and Siebel Web Server Extensions (SWSE) while filtering on one or more of the following items:

  • User name
  • Log levels
  • Literal values
  • Events or subevents
  • Session IDs
  • Time and date of log files
  • Component


The LFA creates analysis output, which can be reviewed from the command-line or saved to text files.

For details on the process to run the LFA, see Process for Analyzing Log Files with LFA.

LFA Language Considerations

The LFA uses information in the events of the main Siebel Server log file to determine what components are available. The events in this log file are translated for different languages. To understand the format of the events for different languages, the LFA reads information in the language files located in the locale subdirectory of the Siebel Server root directory (for example, /siebsrvr/locale),

If the language files are changed, the LFA may not be able to recognize certain key events in the main Siebel Server log file, which lead to run-time errors.

System Monitoring and Diagnostics Guide for Siebel eBusiness Applications