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About Component Jobs

A component job is a request for one or more Siebel Server tasks to run. A component job is initiated by either the user or the system, and the Siebel Server runs one or more tasks to fulfill the component job.

Review the following topic to make sure your enterprise and Siebel Server configurations allow tasks to run for a server component: Checking Your Enterprise and Siebel Server Configurations.

Component jobs can:

  • Be scheduled
  • Be repeated
  • Use component job templates

if you are planning to regularly run component jobs with the same parameter values, configure a component job template, which is a predefined component job. See Configuring Component Job Templates for further information on this procedure.

Only batch-mode component tasks are started by running a component job. Background-mode components, such as Workflow Monitor Agent (alias WorkMon), are started by the Siebel Server when the component is started (the parameter Default Tasks [alias DfltTasks] defines the number of tasks started for the background-mode component). Background-mode component tasks can also be started using the Server Manager command-line interface program. See Using the Siebel Server Manager Command-Line Interface for details on these procedures.

To troubleshoot the component job process, see Troubleshooting Component Jobs.

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