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About Enabling and Disabling Siebel Server Components

When a component is enabled inside a component group, it is automatically assigned to all Siebel Servers configured to use its component group.

The state of assigned server components appear in the Status field of the server component record. Server components have one of two possible enable states:

  • Enabled. The server component is enabled within its component group. You can then set the server component online so tasks can be started for this component.
  • Disabled. The server component is disabled within its component group. You cannot set the server component online, and tasks cannot be started for this server component.

Disabling a server component results in:

  • No new tasks for the server component (but allows existing tasks to run).
  • No allocation of space in the shared memory segment for the server component when the Siebel Server is restarted.

You can only disable server components at the Siebel Server level.

Disable server components within a component group on a particular server if the server component is not planned for immediate deployment but may be deployed in the future.

See the following topics for procedures on enabling and disabling server components on the Siebel Server:

NOTE:  Disable server components that are not intended to operate on that Siebel Server to reduce unnecessary consumption of server resources.

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