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About Server Component Modes

Components can execute tasks in one of three run modes—background, batch, or interactive.

  • Background mode components. Background mode components execute tasks to perform background operations for the Siebel Server. After a background mode component task starts, it runs until you explicitly stop the task, or until the Siebel Server itself is shut down.

    You can manually start a background mode component by using the Siebel Server Manager. Components with a Default Tasks parameter set to a value greater than zero may start automatically when the Siebel Server is started. Examples of background mode components include Transaction Router, Replication Agent, and Workflow Monitor Agent.

  • Batch mode components. You must manually start these components by using the component job process in the Server Manager GUI or by the Server Manager command-line interface. Batch mode components end after the task has been performed. Examples of batch mode components include Database Extract and Enterprise Integration Manager.
  • Interactive mode components. Interactive mode components start tasks automatically in response to client requests. Interactive mode component tasks execute for as long as the client maintains the session, and end when the client disconnects. Examples of interactive mode components include Synchronization Manager and Application Object Managers.

For a list of Siebel Server components and their associated run modes, see Siebel Server Components.

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