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Resetting Configurations on Windows

Use the following Windows DOS Command Prompt procedure for resetting the Siebel Server and Application Object Manager configurations to a post-installation state.

To reset Siebel Server and AOM configurations from a DOS Command Prompt

  1. Navigate to the binary subdirectory within the Siebel Server root directory.

    This directory contains the utility ssincfgw.exe.

  2. Run the utility ssincfgw.exe including the path to the configuration file reset_server.scm or reset_oms.scm. Add other parameters as necessary. An example command follows:

    ssincfgw.exe -l enu -f siebel_server_root\admin\reset_server.scm -logevents all


    -l = language code

    -f = path to .scm file

    -logevents = logging setting

    The Siebel Software Configuration utility launches.

  3. When prompted, enter the following information into the Siebel Software Configuration utility based on which reset configuration file you are using:
    • Siebel Gateway Name Server name
    • Siebel Gateway Name Server name
    • Siebel Enterprise name
    • Siebel Enterprise name
    • Siebel Server name
    • The Application Object Manager to reset
    • Remote Search Server name


    • Remote Search Port number


  4. Verify that the configuration settings have reset.

    The following Siebel Gateway Name Server data backup files appear in the Administration folder of the Siebel Server root directory after resetting server and AOM configurations :

  • pre_reset_enterprise_server.dat
  • pre_resetom.dat
  • post_reset_enterprise_server.dat
  • post_resetom.dat

Use these files to return to previous configuration settings if necessary.

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