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Siebel Server Manager Commands

After the Siebel Server Manager has been started, you can execute administrative tasks using the commands described in this section. These commands can also be written into an ASCII text file, exactly as they would be executed through the Siebel Server Manager, and used as a batch input file by running srvrmgr using the /i flag. This would be especially useful in the administration of similar Siebel Server component definitions across multiple Siebel Servers.

NOTE:  You must have the Siebel administrator responsibility in order to start or run Siebel Server tasks using the Siebel Server Manager command-line interface.

The Siebel Server Manager commands are divided into the following categories:

  • Help
  • Environment
  • List
  • Siebel Server management
  • Component definition
  • Component management
  • Task management
  • Parameter management
  • Named Subsystem management
  • System Alert Notification
  • List definition
  • Event logging
  • Preferences
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