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Functional Test Cases

Functional test cases test a common business operation or scenario. Table 3 shows some examples of functional test cases.

Table 3.  Common Functional Test Cases
Test Phase

Unit Test

  • Test common control-level navigation through a view. Test any field validation or default logic.
  • Invoke methods on an applet.

Module Test

  • Test common module-level user scenarios (for example, create an account and add an activity).
  • Verify correct interaction between two related Siebel components (for example, Workflow Process and Business Service).

Process Test

  • Test proper support for a business process.

User Interface

  • Verify that a view has all specified applets and each applet has specified controls with correct type and layout.

Data Entity

  • Verify that a data object or control has the specified data fields with correct data types.

A functional test case may verify common control navigation paths through a view. Functional test cases typically have two components, test paths and test data.

Test Case

A test case describes the actions and objects to be tested. A case is presented as a list of steps and the expected behavior at the completion of a step. Figure 12 shows an example of a test case. Notice that in the Detailed Step column, there are no data values in the step; instead you see a parameter name in brackets as a place holder. This parameterization approach is a common technique used with automation tools and is helpful for creating reusable test cases.

Figure 12.  Sample Test Case
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Test Data

Frequently, a single path can be used to test many scenarios by simply changing the data that is used. For example, you can test the processing of both high-value and low-value opportunities by changing the opportunity data entered, or you can test the same path on two different language versions of the application. For this reason, it can be helpful to define the test path separate from the test data.

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