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CSSBCActivity Class

CSSBCActivity is a base class for Action-related business components. This class provides support for the creation and manipulation of Actions. It also acts as the specialized back-end data supplier for other components, such as Siebel Calendar, Siebel Scheduler, and Siebel Email Response.

Usage Guidelines

The CSSBCActivity class is used for Activity-related business components. You can use the business component user properties to enable behaviors for CSSBCActivity. The methods listed below are mainly defined for coding purposes. Invoking methods directly requires extensive analysis and testing.

Refer to Dependencies and Limitations below for a list of required fields.


CSSBCBase Class

Accessible Methods

The following methods are accessible from CSSBCActivity. For more information on these methods, see CSSBCActivity Methods.

Business Component User Properties

The following business component user properties are available for use in CSSBCActivity. For more information on these user properties, see User Properties.

Field User Properties

Not applicable

Dependencies and Limitations

The following fields are required for Activity and Calendar behaviors:

  • Display—indicates where this Activity record is displayed.
    • Calendar and Activity: display in both Calendar and Activity.
    • To Do and Activities: display in both To Do and Activity.
    • Activities Only: display in Activity only.
  • Type—indicates this record's type of Activity.

The fields listed in Table 3 are required for CSSBCActivity.

Table 3. Fields Required by CSSBCActivity
Field Name

Primary Owned By
Primary Owner Id

Key fields to visibility control.

Orig Appt Id

Original Appointment Id.

Due Date
Exchange Date
No Sooner Than Date
Planned Completion
Repeating Expires

Key date field on which both Activity and Calendar are dependent.

Duration Hours
Duration Minutes

Duration fields.





Email Format
Email Body

Required for Email response.

Primary Attachment Id



Indicates where this Activity record should show up.

Appt Alarm Time Min


Owned By

MVG field for visibility control.

Contact Id
Contact First Name


Done Flag


Repeating Type

Calendar repeating activity related.

Percent Complete


Personal Postal Code
Service Region


Previous Activity Id


The CSSBCActivity class is required when the following classes are defined for an applet:

  • CSSFrameAlarmList
  • CSSFrameAlarmSeeOtherList
  • CSSFrameCalGrid
  • CSSFrameCalRerouteBase
  • CSSFrameCECalAddModify
  • CSSFrameCEGridDay
  • CSSFrameCEGridMonth
  • CSSFrameCEGridWeek
  • CSSFrameCEMultPart
  • CSSFrameGanttActivity
  • CSSFrameGanttActivityBusyFree
  • CSSFrameListCommSrc
  • CSSFramePopupCalAppt
  • CSSFrameSRActivity
  • CSSSWECalToDoFrameList
  • CSSSWEFrameActHICalendar
  • CSSSWEFrameAlarmListSch
  • CSSSWEFrameGanttActivityFs
  • CSSSWEFrameGanttHiMode
  • CSSSWEFrameInMail
  • CSSSWEFrameInMailBody
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