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Non-Grid Form Layouts

Non-grid form applets were used in releases prior to release 7.7 for the Edit mode of list applets in SI mode. Most form applets now use the grid layouts as described in the previous section. This section describes non-grid form layouts, which are still available, but are no longer used in preconfigured Siebel applications.

The four-column form templates define a set of layout regions. A region can hold one or more label/field pairs. Controls are dimensioned in Siebel Tools and then placed on regions of the form. The four-column form contains regions of different horizontal proportion; it is possible to accommodate controls that span one, two, and four columns.

Regions are also grouped. Grouping helps guarantee that regions consume only the minimum vertical space required to render them. When controls are not mapped to a region, the region collapses, and the next mapped region moves up the form to take its place.

By combining horizontally proportioned regions with grouped regions, you can achieve a wide variety of form designs while maintaining only one form template.

Figure 14 displays the master template for layout regions.

Figure 14. Master Template

Figure 15 and Figure 16 are two examples of layouts that can be derived from the master. The Xs indicate regions that do not contain mapped controls.

Figure 15. Layout Derived from the Master Template
Figure 16. Layout Derived from the Master Template
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