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Overview of UI Elements for Employee Applications

Table 10 gives an overview of user interface elements in employee applications.

Table 10. Description of UI Elements
UI Elements

Application menu

Application-level menu items such as File, Edit, View, Navigate, Tools, and Help.

Branding area

The area in which the Siebel Systems, Inc. logo appears.

Application toolbar

Contains toolbar icons for items such as Site Map, Customer Dashboard, and iHelp items.

Applet control banner

Area that contains a menu and buttons for a form or list.

Primary applet

First form or list on page that displays the primary record or record set.

Detail applet

Displays different sets of data based on the individual primary record. Data is automatically updated when the primary record changes.

First-level navigation

Set of tabs that allow users to navigate to screens.

Second-level navigation

Links that allow users to navigate to views. These links can appear in the area directly under the screen tabs, or in the Visibility filter.

Third-level navigation

View tabs displayed below the first applet on a view. This is also referred to as the view bar.

Fourth-level navigation

Depending on the Web template being used, fourth-level navigation items can appear as links underneath the third-level tabs (most common), view tabs on a grandchild applet, or links in a drop-down list.

Record navigation

Area that displays position within the record set as well as controls to move forward and backward within the record set.


Integrated Search and Global Find launch button.


List of saved and predefined queries for the view.

iHelp frame

Area that displays links for navigating through steps in a task.

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