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Syntax for Predefault and Postdefault Fields

The Pre Default Value property of a field (Predefault Value in the Object List Editor) automatically assigns a value to that field for a new record. The user can modify the field if it is displayed and not set to Read Only. For example, Currency Code has a predefault value of System: Currency. The currency code for a new contact is automatically set to the default system currency.

The Post Default Value property of a field assigns a value to a field before the record is written to the database, if one has not been entered by the user. For example, Personal Contact has a postdefault value of N. If the user does not designate a new contact as personal, the system assumes that it is not.

Table 133 provides the syntax to be used in predefault fields.

Table 133. Predefault Values and Functions
Result Type

System: Creator


Login name (for example, BSTEVENS).

System: CreatorId


Login Id (for example, 0-3241).

System: OrganizationId


Organization ID (for example, 1-24E1).

System: OrganizationName


Organization name (for example, Siebel Service).

System: Position


Position name (for example, VP of Sales).

System: PositionId


Position Id (for example, 0-4432).

System: Today


Today's date (for example, 4/26/05).

When using System: Today as the predefault value for a field, the data type for that field must be DTYPE_DATE.

System: Timestamp


Today's date and time (for example, 04/02/05 11:15:22).

System: Currency


Currency for this position (for example, USD). Determined by the setting for the Currency field in the Divisions or Organizations view under the Group Administration screen.

If the division has a different Currency setting from the organization, the division Currency setting is used.

System: LocalCurrency


Currency for this machine (for example, JPY).

Parent: 'BusComp.Field', 'BusComp.Field'


Value in parent business component field.

The field in the parent business component must have Link Specification set to TRUE for values to be defaulted.

You can have multiple 'BusComp.Field' constructs separated by commas; the list is checked from first to last until a value is found—for example:

Parent: 'ServiceRequest.Account', 'Account.Name'

NOTE:  A space is required after every comma that separates the fields for this function to work correctly. If the business component has an apostrophe in its name, you must enclose the name in double quotes—for example:

Parent: "FINS AG Agent's Contracts.Status Of Contract"

You can also terminate a chain of Parent calls with a System call—for example:

Parent: 'Opportunity.Currency Code', 'Account.Currency Code', System: Currency

Field: 'FieldName'


Value in field in current business component field "FieldName."
Field: 'FieldName' does not work in the Predefault Value property if FieldName is a join field.

Expr: 'Today() - 1'


Value of expression.
Example: Today() - 1.

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