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All Mode Sort

This user property allows you to specify whether the Siebel application overrides the default sort specification.


The value for the All Mode Sort user property must be one of the following:

  • Normal. Uses the business component-defined sort specifications. This setting also allows the user to run a PDQ (that incorporates a SORT).
  • TRUE. Overrides the business component sort specifications and uses the U1 index (the standard user key). If the standard user key is defined on the primary extension table, especially for S_PARTY-based business components, the behavior reverts to Normal.
  • FALSE. Removes all sorting.


Standard Siebel application behavior is to override the sort specification on views with certain visibility types to force the view to ORDER BY the standard user key. The All Mode Sort user property determines whether the Siebel application overrides the sort specification and, if so, determines the sort (if any) that is applied to the business component for the affected views.

This user property affects views with visibility other than Personal or Sales Rep visibility, including Manager, All, Organization, Sub-Organization, Group, and Catalog views.

NOTE:  If you set up the default sort order so that it sorts on one of these views, be aware that this might expose large quantities of data that in general should be sorted only by user keys.

If you choose to override this behavior using All Mode Sort, first consult your database administrator for guidance on how the sort by fields are indexed.

You should also conduct careful performance testing on the view itself and on reports run against the view.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

SSE Service Request, Action, and Activity Plan Action

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