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Always Enable Child: [BusComp name]

This user property allows you to specify whether a service request is frozen when it is closed.


  • TRUE   Specifies that service requests are not frozen when closed.


Used in freezing service requests. Closing a service request does not prevent updates to the Customer Satisfaction business component, so you can survey your customers even if a service request has been resolved.

The user property for the Service Request business component, named Always Enable Child: Customer Survey, allows you to enable and disable this behavior.

You can disable the freeze behavior for other business components by adding user properties to the Service Request business component and substituting the business component name for the appropriate component.

To unfreeze a closed service request and make the service request and its child business components accessible for additions and edits, change the status to Open.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

SSE Service Request business component

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