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Forecast Analysis BC

This user property specifies the business component whose records are displayed in the Analysis view of the child applet when parent records are selected for comparison.


The value of the Forecast Analysis BC user property is a business component name (for example, Forecast 2000 - Forecast Item Detail Flat).


This user property is used on the Forecast Analysis Views. These views allow users to select multiple forecasts and see the aggregate summary records in the lower applet. This user property gives the name of the business component that is used in the lower applet.

You can modify the values for this user property. However, you cannot inactivate or create new instances of this user property.

NOTE:  While you can change the value of this user property to another business component, it is recommended that you do not change its value unless you are creating new business components for forecasting.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area


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