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Forecast Rollup

This user property specifies a named search for rollup of forecasts. When activated, this search specification is applied on the Forecast Detail business component during rollup.


The value of the Forecast Rollup user property must be a valid search specification.


Field names must be contained in square brackets. For example, the following value returns forecast details owned by the current user and his or her subordinates' records that roll into the current user forecast.

[Link Type] = LookupValue('FCST_FCSTITEM_LINK_TYPE','Own Item') OR [Link Type] = LookupValue('FCST_FCSTITEM_LINK_TYPE','Item')

During forecast rollup, only the detail records that satisfy the search specification are rolled up into the summary record.

Additionally, you can use the Forecast 2000 -- Forecast Series business component to further restrict the rollup search specification on a per series basis.

You can inactivate or modify the values for this user property. However, you cannot create new instances of this user property.

NOTE:  While you can change the value of this user property, it is recommended that you do not change its value unless you intend to use forecasting in a different manner.

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Business Component

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