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On Condition Set Field Value

This user property allows you to specify the value of a field to be set under a specified condition.


The value for the On Condition Set Field Value user property consists of three quoted parameters, separated by a comma and a space, as follows:

"Condition", "FieldName", "FieldValue"

Condition specifies the condition to be evaluated. FieldName specifies the name of the field on the business component. FieldValue specifies the value. For example:

"[Primary Held Position Id] is not null and [Primary Held Position Id] <> ""No Match Row Id""", "Employee Flag", "Y"


When the specified condition evaluates to TRUE, the specified field (FieldName) is set to the specified value (FieldValue).

In the example above, the Employee Flag field is set to Y when the condition is TRUE.

You can modify the value for this user property and create new instances of it. You can also inactivate this user property.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area


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