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On Field Update Invoke n

This user property allows you to invoke the specified business component method when a field is updated.


The value of the On Field Update Invoke user property consists of three quoted parameters separated by a comma and a space, as follows:

"[FieldToCheck]", "[BusCompName]", "[MethodName]"

[MethodName] is invoked on the [BusCompName] business component when [FieldToCheck] is updated. If [FieldToCheck] is not defined, the method is invoked when the user saves the record.

You can optionally use a fourth parameter that defines a condition. If you define a condition, the method is only invoked if the condition evaluates to TRUE.


You can create additional instances of this user property as needed. If you have more than one instance of this user property for a business component, they are executed sequentially by number (for example, On Field Update Invoke 1, then On Field Update Invoke 2, and so on). If there is only one such user property, then no number is required.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area


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