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Sequence Field

This user property allows you to define a sequence field for a business component.


The value for the Sequence Field user property must be the name of the field (typically Line Number or Sequence Number) in the business component that corresponds to the sequence number column in the underlying table.


This user property is used to configure a sequence field to create a sequential auto-generating line number on new record and copy record events. A sequence business component must be defined in the business object.

For new record and copy record events, this user property specifies a field on the business component whose value is a number in a sequence that is auto-generated. A sequence business component must also be defined in the business object.

NOTE:  When defining a Sequence Field user property, set the Insert Position property to LAST for the applets that display records from the numbered detail business component. Leaving the Insert Position property blank can cause unexpected behavior in the line numbers generated in the applet.

NOTE:  Configuring a sequence field on a business component requires several tasks to be completed. For detailed information on creating sequence fields, see Configuring Siebel eBusiness Applications.

For information on how a new record with a sequenced field is numbered, see also Sequence Use Max.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

Record sequencing

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