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Sequence Use Max

This user property allows you to specify whether to generate sequence numbers for the business component based on the maximum sequence number.

See also Sequence Field.


  • A value of Y causes the sequence number of a new or copied record to be generated as the maximum of the existing sequence numbers + 1.
  • If this user property is not defined on the business component or if this user property has a value of N, then the sequence number of a new or copied record is generated as the sequence number of the current record + 1. Other records are renumbered, if necessary.


This user property determines whether the sequence number generated is based upon the current record position or the maximum sequence number.

For example, to define a field Line Number as a sequence field for which new and copied records are assigned a the maximum of the existing sequence values + 1, you would have to add the following user properties to the business component:

  • Sequence Field with value Line Number
  • Sequence Use Max with value Y

NOTE:  Configuring a sequence field on a business component requires several tasks to be completed. For detailed information on creating sequence fields, see Configuring Siebel eBusiness Applications.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

Record sequencing

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