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ViewMode Sort

This user property is used with the All Mode Sort user property to allow you to specify a custom sort specification on the business component when the business component is in a particular view mode.

See also All Mode Sort.


View Mode Sort: mode_num



This parameter is an integer representing a view mode. The valid integer parameter values in this context are:

  • 1 for ManagerView
  • 3 for AllView
  • 5 for OrganizationView
  • 7 for GroupView
  • 8 for CatalogView
  • 9 for SubOrganizationView

For information about integers representing view modes, see Siebel Object Interfaces Reference.


The value of this user property is one or more names of fields on the business component, separated by commas and not enclosed in quotes. The priorities of the fields in the sort are given by the order of the fields in the list.


You can override sorting specifications on the business component by using the All Mode Sort user property. If All Mode Sort is set to FALSE for a business component, effectively disregarding all other sort specifications, then you can set the ViewMode Sort user property to a particular sort specification when the business component is in a particular view mode.

For example, to sort a given business component by its Last Name field, and then by First Name, when the business component is in the AllView view mode, add the following business component user properties:

  • All Mode Sort with value FALSE
  • ViewMode Sort:3 with value Last Name, First Name

Use the ViewMode Sort user property to sort in views with visibility other than Personal or Sales Rep visibility, including Manager, All, Organization, Sub-Organization, Group, and Catalog views.

You can inactivate this user property or modify its value. You can also create new instances of this user property.

CAUTION:  Sorts, including sorts defined by ViewMode Sort, must be based on indexed columns and in the sequential orders defined by the indexes to minimize any performance implications.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

Sort specification

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