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This single-value field user property allows a Siebel developer to specify whether an end user can execute a wildcard query on a particular field.




The intent of this field user property is to allow a Siebel developer to prevent users (and the Siebel query engine) from performing queries on non-indexed or text fields. If its value is TRUE, wildcard searching on the field is disabled, but exact match searching is allowed. If its value is FALSE or not specified, searching is allowed on the field.

For example, if the [Name] field has the DisableSearch field user property set to TRUE, wildcard searches such as [Name] LIKE 'S*' are suppressed, and an error message is displayed. Exact searches such as [Name] = 'Siebel' are allowed.

This user property is enforced when the following query options are exercised: query by example, Query Assistant, Search Center, queries initiated through programmatic or message-based interfaces, and pre-defined queries.

You can inactivate and modify the values for this user property, and you can create a new instance of this user property if it is not already defined on the field.

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