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DisableSort (Field User Property)

This single-value field user property allows a Siebel developer to specify whether an end user can sort a result set on a specific field of a business component.




The intent of this business component field user property is to provide finer-grained control over field-level sorting. If its value is TRUE, all sorting capabilities on the field are disabled in all applets based on the business component. The sort icons and tool tips do not appear in the list column header, and the field is not displayed in the Advanced Sort window. If its value is FALSE or not specified, sorting is enabled on the field.

For example, if the [Name] field for a particular business component has the DisableSort user property set to TRUE, the sort icons and (Sortable) tool tip do not appear in the [Name] list column, and the [Name] field is not displayed in the 'Advanced Sort' window. If a user attempts to perform a sort on the [Name] field in any applet based on that business component, an error message displays.

See also DisableSort (Control User Property).

You can inactivate and modify the values for this user property, and you can create a new instance of this user property if it is not already defined on the field.

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