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Siebel Universal Queuing Business Objects

Table 11 lists the Siebel Universal Queuing business objects.

Table 11. Siebel Universal Queuing Business Objects
Business Object
Business Components

UQ Alarms Errors

Use for alarm and error messages.

UQ Alarm Errors

UQ Employee Statistics

Use for employee related statistics.

UQ Agent Journal

UQ Agent Journal Summary

UQ Agent Media Statistics

UQ Agent Statistics

UQ Media

Use to relate channel information, such as channel name, recoverability, service level, and service level percentage.

UQ Media

UQ Media Statistics

Use for both real-time and historical media statistics.

UQ Historical Media Statistics

UQ Media Statistics(Reg)

UQ Routes

Use for both real-time and historical route statistics.

UQ Historical Route Statistics

UQ Route Statistics(Reg)

UQ Routes

UQ Work Items

Use for work item journal after completion of a work item.

UQ WorkItem Escalation History

UQ WorkItem Properties

UQ WorkItem State History

UQ WorkItems

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