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Abandoning a Phantom Work Item

If a system administrator determines that a given work item is a phantom and no longer corresponds to a real work item, the administrator can request that Siebel Universal Queuing abandon the work item.

For example, in some cases, a phone call may be abandoned on the phone switch, but may still exist in Siebel Universal Queuing. Such a work item may be assigned to an agent, but the agent may not be notified through the communications toolbar. After a timeout, the work item would then return to Siebel Universal Queuing, which puts the agent into auxwork mode and stops routing work items to the agent. The work item could later be reassigned all over again. Abandoning this phantom work item removes it from the queuing system.

For more information about alarms and errors, see Viewing Alarms and Errors.

To abandon a phantom work item

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > UQ Administration > Alarms and Errors.

    The Alarms and Errors view appears.

  2. In the Alarms and Errors list, query for work item records where the value of the Code field is "32."
  3. With such a phantom work item selected, click Abandon Work Item to abandon this work item.
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