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Format Menu

The Format menu options in the Applet Layout Editor allow you to align, resize, and reposition controls; configure the snap grid; and adjust tab or list column order. Options are also provided for performing an Applet Designer Preview. Table 9 describes the Format menu options.

Table 9.  Format Menu Options


Aligns the selected items with the selected model.

Make Same Size

Makes all selected items the same size as the selected model.

Horizontal Spacing

Adjusts horizontal spacing between items.

Vertical Spacing

Adjusts vertical spacing between items.

Center in Applet

Centers the selected items horizontally or vertically.

Set Label Alignment

Allows you to align labels in applets based on grid layout Web templates.

Set Tab Order

Allows you to set the tab order for fields in a form applet. This option is not available for list applets.

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