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Debug Toolbar

The Debug toolbar contains buttons, described in Table 16, that let you access Siebel VB and Siebel eScript debugging tools.

Table 16.  Debug Toolbar Buttons

Check Syntax

Compiles the current script and verifies syntax.


Starts the application. A dialog box with startup parameters also appears.


Stops the execution of the currently running script. If Siebel VB or Siebel eScript is not executing, no operation is performed.


Stops the execution of the application and returns to the Siebel Script Editor window.

Toggle Breakpoint

Sets or removes a breakpoint on a specific line of code.


The Tools menu establishes variable watches, so you can monitor the contents of program variables in the Variable window during execution of Siebel VB and Siebel eScript routines.


Displays the list of Siebel VB or Siebel eScript routine calls executed up to the point where the application was stopped.

Step Into

Executes the next line of script code. If this is a subroutine or procedure call, then execution continues within that procedure.

Step Over

Advances the application to the script code line just after the current subroutine or procedure. Execution remains at the level of the current procedure.

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