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Preparing the Target Repository for Import from an Archive File

You need to import into a checked-out project or projects on the local database of a client computer—do not import to the Server database. Make sure the following conditions exist before importing:

  • The import file is accessible to the local machine by way of the network or local drives.
  • The target repository is open in Siebel Tools and is the active repository.
  • The projects that will be affected by import have been checked out to the local database. This includes any project that any object in the export file is assigned to.

    The only exception consists of projects (or their objects) that are in the archive file, but that do not exist yet in the target repository. These are not checked out because they do not exist in the target repository.

    NOTE:  In some cases it may be difficult to know in advance which projects need to be checked out. The Import wizard informs you of any projects that were not locked but need to be. This occurs on the second panel of the Import wizard, after the wizard has analyzed the objects in the archive file and compared them to the objects in your repository.

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