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Compiling Using the Command-Line Interface

You can also compile projects using the command-line interface. You invoke the siebdev executable using the command switch /bc. This command switch performs a full compile. For multilingual deployments you can also set the Tools active language for the compile. The siebdev.exe is located in the Bin directory of the Siebel Tools installation directory.

The syntax for the /bc switch is:

siebdev.exe /c <config file> /d <data source> /u <user name> /p <password> /tl <language> /bc <Siebel Repository> <SRF file>

For example, the following command compiles the Siebel Repository into siebel SRF with the active language set to Japanese.

siebdev.exe /c tools.cfg /d sample /u sadmin /p sadmin /tl JPN
/bc "Siebel Repository" siebel.srf

If no file path is specified for the SRF file, the file is compiled into the objects directory under the Tools installation directory. Otherwise, it is compiled into the specified directory.

NOTE:  The Auto-start web client option that is available in the Object Compiler dialog box is not available when you compile using the command-line interface.

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