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Testing Changes on Your Local Machine

For testing purposes, you must have an instance of the Siebel Mobile Web client installed on your machine. After compiling repository changes to an SRF file, local instances of the Mobile Web client that are open and are reading the SRF file automatically close and then reopen, displaying the updated configuration.

For more information on installing a local instance of the Mobile Web client, see Siebel Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows: Servers, Mobile Web Clients, Tools.

When compiling objects and testing the results locally, consider the following:

  • If a local instance of the Web client is installed but it is not open, you can select an option in the Object Compile dialog box to automatically open a local Web client and read the most current repository. For more information, see Compiling Projects.
  • For repository changes to appear in local instances of the Web client, the Web client must be reading the SRF file to which you compiled.

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