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Running the String Conversion Utility

The conversion process is implemented as a business service. You run it using the Consoleapp.exe utility located in the BIN directory of your Siebel Tools installation directory.

Prior to running the conversion:

  • Make sure all of the projects are unlocked. While conversion and consolidation are running, no other users should be allowed to log on to the development environment.
  • Make sure that the DataSource parameter in the [Siebel] section is the desired database. The conversion utility uses this database.
  • Make sure that the EnableToolsConstrain parameter in the [Siebel] section is set to FALSE.
  • Make sure that the SymStrPrefix parameter in the [Siebel] section of the tools.cfg file is set to the desired prefix. This value is used as the prefix to the name of all newly created symbolic strings. It is set to X_ by default, to indicate that it was created by you and not by Siebel Systems (SBL_).
Topics in This Section

Parameters for Running Consoleapps.exe to Convert Strings

Exporting Candidates for Conversion

Splitting Conversion Export Files into Smaller Files

Importing Converted Symbolic Strings

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