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Working With Strings and Other Locale-Specific Data

Topics in This Section

About the Symbolic Strings Model

Creating Symbolic String References

Modifying Symbolic Strings to Globally Update Display Values

Using Symbolic String References

Entering String Overrides

About Converting and Consolidating Strings

About the Symbolic String Consolidation Process

Running the String Conversion Utility

Running the String Consolidation Utility

Using Batch Files to Convert and Consolidate Strings

Working with Non-Translatable Locale-Specific Object Properties

Showing or Hiding Locale-Specific Items in Applet Layout

About the Locale Management Utility

Finding Untranslated Text Strings

Finding Existing Translations

Exporting Text Strings and Locale-Specific Attributes

Importing Text Strings and Locale-Specific Attributes

Identifying Objects Modified Since the Last Export

Replacing Strings

Running the LMU Using the Command Line Interface

Using Siebel Tools