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Modifying Symbolic Strings to Globally Update Display Values

You can make global changes to UI display values by modifying child locale objects of symbolic strings. For example, your organiziation may require that all instances of the word Account be changed to Customer. Or suppose you are configuring an industry-specific application to be deployed in a locale other than English. Text strings may appear in the UI that are not appropriate for the given industry. In both cases, you need to make global changes to text strings.

To globally update user interface display values

  1. Set your Tools Language mode to the language you want to configure.

    For more information, see Selecting a Language Mode.

  2. Navigate to the Symbolic String object type.
  3. Select the symbolic string you want to modify.
  4. Navigate to the Symbolic String Locale object you want to modify.
  5. Change the value for the String Value property.
  6. Compile the project associated with the Symbolic String.
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