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Selecting a Language Mode

The Siebel Tools language mode allows you to work with locale-specific data for languages other than English. For example, setting your language mode to German (DEU) allows you to view and edit DEU-specific data stored in Locale-Objects, such as translated strings. Language mode determines the set of locale-specific data that:

  • You can view and edit in the Object List Editor.
  • Is used when compiling the repository (SRF) file.
  • Is transferred during check in and check out processes.

NOTE:  If additional languages (other than what are shipped with Siebel applications as seed data) are added to the Siebel database, the language code must be in all capital letters for the code to appear in the Language Mode drop-down list.

To set a language mode

  1. Choose View > Options.

    The Development Tools Options dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Language Settings tab.
  3. Under Tools Language Mode, select a value from the Language drop-down list, then click OK.
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