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Enabling Language Overrides

Language Overrides are non-translatable locale-specific attributes that may be configured differently for different locales. For example, you can configure an address field to appear one height in FRA (French) and another height in ENU (English). To be able to configure language overrides, you must be in Language Override mode.

NOTE:  Enabling language overrides when it is not needed can create unnecessary locale records in the repository.

For more information about configuring UI layout, see Configuring Siebel eBusiness Applications.

To enable language overrides

  1. Choose View > Options.

    The Development Tools Options dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Language Settings tab.
  3. Under Language override, select the Enable and Use Language Override check box, then click OK.

    NOTE:  The Enable and Use Language Override check box is persistent. You must clear it to return to working in base mode.

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