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Customizing Your Tools Environment

Topics in This Section

Showing and Hiding Confirmation Dialog Boxes

Setting Change Date Preferences

Selecting a Language Mode

Enabling Language Overrides

Process for Integrating With Third-Party Source Control

Specifying Data Sources

Restarting Editors After Check Out

Setting Commit Options for Full Get

Defining Object List Editor Display Options

Setting Scripting Options

Defining the Web Template Editor

Setting Debug Options

Customizing Visualization Views

Showing and Hiding Object Types in the Object Explorer

Setting Database Options

Setting the Constrain Mode for Working With Symbolic Strings

Defining a Target Browser

Showing and Hiding Windows

Docking Windows

Showing and Hiding Editors

Showing Visualization Views

Showing and Hiding Debug Windows

Showing and Hiding Toolbars

Showing and Hiding the Status Bar

Showing and Hiding the Object Explorer

Using Siebel Tools