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About Converting and Consolidating Strings

The string conversion and consolidation processes allows you to covert translatable strings stored as child locale records of top-level object types to the symbolic strings model. The symbolic strings model stores strings in a centralized table.

CAUTION:  Conversion and consolidation operations are highly intensive processes, and thus require a 1 GHz computer or higher.

Convert and consolidate are useful for customers who:

  • Have upgraded to version 7.7 and have custom translatable text strings that the want to migrate to the symbolic strings model.
  • Use string overrides to store text strings and periodically want to convert and consolidate them to the symbolic strings model.

When considering whether to convert strings to the symbolic strings model consider the following:

  • Migrating to the symbolic string model reduces the size of repository, makes translations easier, and gives you more control over terminology consistency.
  • The conversion and consolidation processes require that development be frozen and can require substantial processing time.
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