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Entering String Overrides

Each object property that stores a translatable text string, such as the Title property of an applet, has a corresponding String Override field, for example Title - String Override. In cases where the symbolic string for a given word or phrase does not meet your design requirements, you can override it by entering a value in the override field. Values entered into override fields are stored as child locale objects of the top-level object type (for example applet) for the current Tools language mode. Values stored in string override fields are language-specific and do not affect other references to the symbolic strings.

NOTE:  To be able to enter string overrides, the EnableToolsConstrain parameter in the tools.cfg file must be set to FALSE.

To enter a string overrride

  1. Navigate to the object and property for which you want to enter a translatable text string.
  2. In the string override field, enter the string.

    The value entered in the string override property is stored as a child locale record and the value automatically populates the translatable text string field, such as the Title property for an applet.

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