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Upgrading Repositories

The Siebel Application Upgrader reduces the time and cost of version upgrades by allowing you to acquire new features from the latest release while preserving the custom configuration changes made to the current repository. It notifies system administrators about conflicts between object customizations and new releases, automatically merges differences between objects, and allows you to manually override and apply any changes.

The Siebel Application Upgrader allows you to upgrade custom configurations to new releases by merging them with a current Siebel eBusiness software release. This capability minimizes the cost of application upgrades and allows you to quickly deploy production versions of Siebel eBusiness Applications. For more information, see the upgrade guide for your operating system.

The Application Upgrader allows you to accomplish the following:

  • Determine what has changed with new releases of Siebel eBusiness Applications
  • Compare custom configurations with new changes delivered in a new Siebel release
  • Choose which changes to apply, whether made by your company's developers or by Siebel Systems in the new release

NOTE:  The Application Upgrader is for merging an entire customized repository with a standard one. To merge portions of repositories, use the Import/Export or Patch features.

For more information about the Application Upgrader, see the upgrade guide for your operating system.

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