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About the Locale Management Utility

The Locale Management Utility (LMU) in Siebel Tools helps you manage the process of localizing text strings, such as field labels, and other locale-specific attributes, such as the height and width of controls. This includes exporting the strings to a file, which is then translated and imported back into the repository. The LMU provides the export and import tools to do this.

You use the Locale Management Utility to:

  • Find strings that need to be translated.
  • Find existing translations to use for untranslated strings.
  • Export strings and locale-specific attributes to a file (.txt or .xliff) for localization.
  • Import strings and locale-specific attributes from a file back into the repository.
  • Search for strings and locale-specific attributes that have changed since the last export.
  • Compare objects in the repository to the objects stored in the export file.
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