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Locking Projects Directly in the Local Repository

You can lock projects directly in the local repository, without checking them out from the server. This is useful when:

  • You want to test configurations on your local machine but do not want to prevent others from checking out the project from the server database.
  • You intend to discard your work when you are done and therefore, do not have a need to check modified objects back into the server.

When locking projects directly in the local repository, consider the following:

  • You cannot check in projects or objects that have been locked on the local database. Projects must have been checked out from the server for them to be checked in to the server.
  • Any projects you have locked locally, and all associated objects, will be overwritten the next time you get or check out those projects.

To lock projects directly

  1. Log in to your local database.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select an object, such as an applet or business component, and then choose Tools > Lock Project.
    • Navigate to the project that contains the objects that you want to modify, and click the Locked field to set it to TRUE.

      All objects associated with the project become available for editing, indicated by a pencil icon that appears under the W field and the Locked property of the project object is set to TRUE.

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