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Associating Objects with Different Projects

You can associate objects with different projects. This can be useful, for example, when you want to break a large project into smaller projects.

To associate an object with a different project

  1. Check out both the source and the target project from the server database.

    For instructions on how to check out projects, see Checking Out and Checking In Projects.

  2. Navigate to the object you want to modify and then change the Project property to the name of the new project.

    For instructions on how to modify objects, see Modifying Objects.

  3. Check in the project that was originally associated with the object and then check in the project that is currently associated with the object.

    CAUTION:  Trying to check in both projects at the same time can lead to errors.

    For instructions on how to check in projects, see Checking In Projects to the Server Repository.

  4. Inform other developers that they must do a simultaneous get of the two projects prior to doing any subsequent work on the object in either project.
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