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Generating Reports About Object Relationships

You can generate reports about the relationships between certain object types in the repository. This section provides an introduction to using the reports facility; for more information, see Siebel Reports Administration Guide.

The list of records included in a repository report is not dependent on the currently selected object in the Object List Editor—for example, if you select the Contact business component in the Object List Editor and generate the business components and fields report, the report shows all business components, not just the Contact business component.

Generating Reports for a Single Object Type

To restrict a report to a single object type—that is, one business component, business object, dock object, table, or workflow object—run a query in the Object List Editor (for the parent object type) that restricts the list to the one object.

The following example shows how to get the Tables report for S_ORG_EXT.

To get a Tables report for the S_ORG_EXT table (an example)

  1. In the Object Explorer, select the Table object type.
  2. In the Object List Editor, click anywhere to make it the active window.
  3. Choose Query > New Query.
  4. In the Name field, type S_ORG_EXT and press ENTER.
  5. Choose Reports > Tables.

    The generated report provides information only for the S_ORG_EXT table.

Generating Reports for Ranges of Objects

You can use a similar approach to restrict a report to a range of objects that have a property value in common. The report includes only those objects that match the current query criteria. For example, you can generate a Tables report of all extension tables, a business components report of all business components of a specific class, or any of the reports restricted to a single field.

Available Reports

The current object type in the Object Explorer determines the list of reports in the Reports menu. Repository reports are listed by current object type in Table 34.

Table 34.  Reports Available for Each Object Type
Object Selected in Object Explorer
Report Menu Option


Applets by BusComp

Lists the applets assigned to each business component.

Business Component

Business Component and Fields

Lists the fields in each business component alphabetically. For each field, the base column and join table, if any, are identified.

Business Object

Business Object and Components

Lists the business object components in each business object. For each business object component, the business component and link are identified.

Business Service

Business Service Summary

Lists a summary of all business services.

Business Service Detail

Lists all business services with details.

Dock Objects

Repository Dock Objects

For each dock object, displays selected properties, and lists the member tables, visibility rules, and related dock objects.


Project List

Lists all projects, and identifies the locking status, person locked by, and locked date for each.



For each table, displays selected properties, and lists the columns. The name, physical type, length, scale, comments, and various other properties are identified for each column.

Workflow Policy Object

Workflow Policy Objects

Lists the workflow components in each workflow object, and within each workflow component lists the columns.

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