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Copying Objects

One method of creating an object is to copy an existing object and then rename and change properties of the copy as necessary.

For guidelines on copying objects and more information on the Upgrade Ancestor property, see Configuring Siebel eBusiness Applications.

To create new objects by copying existing objects

  1. In the Object Explorer, select the relevant object type.
  2. In the Object List Editor, locate the object to copy, and click anywhere in the row to select it.
  3. Choose Edit > Copy Record.

    A new row appears above the copied row, containing identical property values. The Changed column contains a check mark.

  4. Enter a new value for the Name property.
  5. In the Project field, click the drop-down arrow.

    The Projects pick list appears.

  6. Choose the name of the project to which to assign the new object.

    NOTE:  Only locked projects are displayed in the Projects pick list.

  7. If necessary, modify any other relevant properties and child objects.
  8. To commit your changes, click anywhere outside the new row or move outside the row with the UP or DOWN arrow keys.
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