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Supported Uses of Siebel VB

This document describes the supported functionality of the Siebel VB language and provides examples of how a Siebel developer uses Siebel VB. Siebel eBusiness Applications provide a high performance client/server application specifically designed to meet the most rigorous sales and marketing information requirements of large multi-national corporations. Caution should be exercised when extending the Siebel Sales Enterprise application, which should be done only by trained technical professionals.

NOTE:  Improper application configuration can adversely effect the reliability and performance characteristics of your configured Siebel application. Thorough testing is strongly recommended before production rollout of your configured application.

In summary Siebel VB supports:

  • Siebel VB language to behave as documented
  • Siebel Tools for creating, modifying, and deleting of Siebel VB scripts as documented in Siebel Object Interfaces Reference.

Siebel VB does not support:

  • Functionality developed through custom programming
  • Automatic upgrades of custom routines with the Siebel Application Upgrader
  • Development of separate, standalone applications with Siebel VB
  • Accessing server management functions through Siebel VB; such functions should be accessed only through the UI or the command line

NOTE:  Siebel VB is not supported in a UNIX environment.

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