Siebel VB Language Reference

What's New in This Release

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Siebel VB Overview

Supported Uses of Siebel VB

Typographic Conventions

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Quick Reference: VB Statements and Functions

Arrays in VB

VB Compiler Directives

Control Flow in VB

VB Date and Time Functions

Declarations in VB

VB Environment Control

VB Error Handling

VB File Functions: Disk and Folder Control

VB File Functions: File Control

VB File Functions: File Input/Output

VB Math Functions: Financial Functions

VB Math Functions: Numeric Functions

VB Math Functions: Trigonometric Functions

Objects in VB

ODBC Functions in VB

VB Strings: String Functions

VB Strings: String Conversions

Variants in VB

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VB Language Overview

VB Programming Hints

Conventions Used by Siebel VB

Arguments in VB

Named Arguments

Siebel VB Comments

VB Data Types

Arrays in VB




Type Characters

Data Type Conversions in VB

Dynamic Arrays in VB

VB Variant Data Type

VB Expressions

Numeric Operators

String Operators

Comparison Operators (Numeric and String)

Logical Operators

Object Handling in VB

Creating an Object Variable to Access the Object

Using Methods and Properties to Act on Objects

Error Handling in VB

Trapping Errors Returned by Siebel VB

Option 1: Trap Errors Within Body of Code

Option 2: Trap Errors Using an Error Handler

Trapping User-Defined, Non-Siebel VB Errors

Trapping Errors Generated by Siebel VB Methods

Siebel VB and Unicode

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VB Language Reference

Abs Function

ActivateField Method

ActivateMultipleFields Method

ActiveBusObject Method

ActiveViewName Method

AddChild Method

Application_Close Event

Application_InvokeMethod Event

Application_Navigate Event

Application_PreInvokeMethod Event

Application_PreNavigate Event

Application_Start Event

Asc Function

Associate Method

Atn Function

BusComp Method

BusComp_Associate Event

BusComp_ChangeRecord Event

BusComp_CopyRecord Event

BusComp_DeleteRecord Event

BusComp_InvokeMethod Event

BusComp_NewRecord Event

BusComp_PreAssociate Event

BusComp_PreCopyRecord Event

BusComp_PreDeleteRecord Event

BusComp_PreGetFieldValue Event

BusComp_PreInvokeMethod Event

BusComp_PreNewRecord Event

BusComp_PreQuery Event

BusComp_PreSetFieldValue Event

BusComp_PreWriteRecord Event

BusComp_Query Event

BusComp_SetFieldValue Event

BusComp_WriteRecord Event

BusObject Method

Call Statement

CCur Function

CDbl Function

ChDir Statement

ChDrive Statement

Chr Function

CInt Function

ClearToQuery Method

Clipboard Methods

CLng Function

Close Statement

Const Statement

Copy Method

Cos Function

CreateObject Function

CSng Function

CStr Function

CurDir Function

CurrencyCode Method

CVar Function

CVDate Function

Date Function

Date Statement

DateSerial Function

DateValue Function

Day Function

DeactivateFields Method

Declare Statement

Deftype Statement

DeleteRecord Method

Dim Statement

Dir Function

Do...Loop Statement

Environ Function

Eof Function

Erase Statement

Erl Function

Err Function

Err Statement

Error Function

Error Statement

ExecuteQuery Method

ExecuteQuery2 Method

Exit Statement

Exp Function

FileAttr Function

FileCopy Statement

FileDateTime Function

FileLen Function

FirstRecord Method

Fix Function

For...Next Statement

Format Function

FreeFile Function

Function...End Function Statement

FV Function

Get Statement

GetAssocBusComp Method

GetAttr Function

GetBusComp Method

GetBusObject Method

GetChild Method

GetChildCount Method

GetFieldValue Method

GetFirstProperty Method

GetFormattedFieldValue Method

GetMultipleFieldValues Method

GetMVGBusComp Method

GetNamedSearch Method

GetNextProperty Method

GetObject Function

GetPicklistBusComp Method

GetProfileAttr Method

GetProperty Method

GetPropertyCount Method

GetSearchExpr Method

GetSearchSpec Method

GetService Method

GetSharedGlobal Method

GetType Method

GetUserProperty Method

GetValue Method

GetViewMode Method

Global Statement

GoTo Statement

GotoView Method

Hex Function

Hour Function

If...Then...Else Statement

Input Function

Input Statement

InsertChildAt Method

InStr Function

Int Function

InvokeMethod Method

IPmt Function

IRR Function

Is Operator

IsDate Function

IsEmpty Function

IsMissing Function

IsNull Function

IsNumeric Function

Kill Statement

LastRecord Method

LBound Function

LCase Function

Left Function

Len Function

Let (Assignment Statement)

Like Operator

Line Input Statement

Loc Function

Lock Statement

Lof Function

Log Function

LoginId Method

LoginName Method

LookupMessage Method

Lset Statement

LTrim Function

Me Object

Mid Function

Mid Statement

Minute Function

MkDir Statement

Month Function

Name Method

Name Statement

New Operator

NewPropertySet Method

NewRecord Method

NextRecord Method

Nothing Function

Now Function

NPV Function

Null Function

Object Class

Oct Function

On...GoTo Statement

On Error Statement

Open Statement

Option Base Statement

Option Compare Statement

Option Explicit Statement

ParentBusComp Method

Pick Method

Pmt Function

PositionId Method

PositionName Method

PostChanges Method

PPmt Function

PreviousRecord Method

Print Statement

PropertyExists Method

Put Statement

PV Function

RaiseError Method

RaiseErrorText Method

Randomize Statement

Rate Function

ReDim Statement

RefineQuery Method

Rem Statement

RemoveChild() Method

RemoveProperty Method

Reset Method

Reset Statement

Resume Statement

Right Function

RmDir Statement

Rnd Function

Rset Statement

RTrim Function

Second Function

Seek Function

Seek Statement

Select Case Statement

SendKeys Statement

Service_InvokeMethod Event

Service_PreInvokeMethod Event

Set Statement

SetAttr Statement

SetFieldValue Method

SetFormattedFieldValue Method

SetMultipleFieldValues Method

SetNamedSearch Method

SetPositionId Method

SetPositionName Method

SetProfileAttr Method

SetProperty Method

SetSearchExpr Method

SetSearchSpec Method

SetSharedGlobal Method

SetSortSpec Method

SetType Method

SetUserProperty Method

SetValue Method

SetViewMode Method

Sgn Function

Shell Function

Sin Function

Space Function

Spc Function

SQLClose Function

SQLError Function

SQLExecQuery Function

SQLGetSchema Function

SQLOpen Function

SQLRequest Function

SQLRetrieve Function

SQLRetrieveToFile Function

Sqr Function

Static Statement

Stop Statement

Str Function

StrComp Function

String Function

Sub...End Sub Statement

Tab Function

Tan Function

TheApplication Method

Time Function

Time Statement

Timer Function

TimeSerial Function

TimeValue Function

Trace Method

TraceOff Method

TraceOn Method

Trim Function

Type Statement

Typeof Function

UBound Function

UCase Function

UndoRecord Method

Unlock Statement

Val Function

VarType Function

WebApplet_InvokeMethod Event

Web_Applet_Load Event

Web_Applet_PreCanInvoke Event

WebApplet_PreInvokeMethod Event

WebApplet_ShowControl Event

WebApplet_ShowListColumn Event

Weekday Function

While...Wend Statement

Width Statement

With Statement

Write Statement

WriteRecord Method

Year Function

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Siebel VB Compared to Other Basic Products

Differences Between Siebel VB and Earlier Versions of Basic

Line Numbers and Labels

Subroutines and Modularity of the Language

Variable Scope in Siebel VB

Data Types in Siebel VB

Financial Functions in Siebel VB

Date and Time Functions in Siebel VB

Object Handling in Siebel VB

Environment Control in Siebel VB

Differences Between Siebel VB and Visual Basic

User Interface and Control-Based Objects in Siebel VB

Data Types in Siebel VB

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Trappable Errors in Siebel VB

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Derived Trigonometric Functions for Siebel VB

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Siebel VB Language Reference