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Trappable Errors in Siebel VB

The following table (Table 7) lists the run-time errors that Siebel VB returns. These errors can be trapped by On Error. The Err function can be used to query the error code, and the Error function can be used to query the error text.

Table 7.  Error Numbers and Strings
Error Code
Error Text


Illegal function call




Out of memory


Subscript out of range


Duplicate definition


Division by zero


Type Mismatch


Out of string space


No Resume


Resume without error


Out of stack space


Sub or Function not defined


Error in loading DLL


Bad file name or number


File not found


Bad file mode


File already open


File already exists


Disk full


Input past end of file


Bad record number


Bad file name


Device unavailable


Permission denied


Disk not ready


Can't rename with different drive


Path/File access error


Path not found


Object variable set to Nothing


Invalid pattern


Illegal use of NULL


Command failed


Object creation failed


No such property or method


Argument type mismatch


Object error


Input buffer would be larger than 64K


Operating system error


External procedure not found


Global variable type mismatch


User-defined type mismatch


External procedure interface mismatch


Pushbutton required


Module has no MAIN


Dialog box not declared


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