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Sin Function

This standard VB function returns the sine of an angle specified in radians.





A numeric expression containing a number representing the size of an angle in radians


The sine of number.


The return value is between -1 and 1. The return value is single precision if the angle is an integer, currency, or single-precision value; double precision for a long, variant, or double-precision value. The angle is specified in radians and can be either positive or negative.

To convert degrees to radians, multiply by (PI/180). The value of PI is 3.14159.


This example finds the height of a building, given the length of the roof and the roof pitch.

Sub Button_Click
   Dim height, rooflength, pitch, msgtext As String
   Const PI = 3.14159
   Const conversion = PI/180
   pitch = 35
   pitch = pitch * conversion
   rooflength = 75
   height = Sin(pitch) * rooflength
   msgtext = "The height of the building is "
   msgtext = msgtext & Format(height, "##.##") & " feet."
End Sub

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