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VB Language Reference

This language reference lists the Siebel VB statements and functions in alphabetical order, and indicates:

  • Syntax
  • Return value
  • Usage
  • An example
  • A list of related commands

This reference also includes information about Siebel VB methods and events. Siebel VB methods are used to access and affect components of the Siebel software architecture such as applets and business components. Siebel VB methods must be prefaced by the name of the architecture component to be addressed; for example:


Standard VB commands do not address specific components of the Siebel software architecture. In this guide, standard VB functions and statements and Siebel VB methods are always identified as such in the description. For details about Siebel VB events and methods, read Siebel Object Interfaces Reference.

Siebel VB Language Reference