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Err Function

This standard VB function returns the run-time error code for the last error trapped.




Not applicable



The run-time error code for the last standard VB error trapped.


If you use a Resume or On Error statement after Erl, the return value for Err is reset to 0. To maintain the value of the line number returned by Erl, assign it to a variable.

The value of the Err function can be set directly through the Err statement, and indirectly through the Error statement.

The standard VB trappable errors are listed in Trappable Errors in Siebel VB

CAUTION:  You cannot view Siebel VB errors with this function. Instead, use the appropriate method for the Siebel interface you are using (COM, ActiveX, or CORBA). Error trapping methods and examples for each interface are documented in Siebel Object Interfaces Reference.


For examples, read Erl Function and Error Function.

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