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Erl Function

This standard VB function returns the line number where an error was trapped.




Not applicable



The line number on which an error occurred.


If you use a Resume or On Error statement after Erl, the return value for Erl is reset to 0. To maintain the value of the line number returned by Erl, assign it to a variable.

The value of the Erl function can be set indirectly through the Error statement.


This example prints the error number using the Err function and the line number using the Erl statement if an error occurs during an attempt to open a file. Siebel VB assigns line numbers, starting with 1, which is the Sub Button_Click statement.

Sub Button_Click
   Dim msgtext, userfile
   On Error GoTo Debugger
   msgtext = "Enter the filename to use:"
   userfile = "c:\temp\trace.txt"
   Open userfile For Input As #1
   ' ....etc....
   Close #1
   Exit Sub

   msgtext = "Error number " & Err & " occurred at line: " & Erl
      Resume done
End Sub

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